Furniture Respray

Furniture Respray

Furniture Respray? Tell me more.

Kitchen Respray Wexford artisans of transformation are experts in using cutting-edge spray painting technology and rare ingredients to lavish worn furniture with a delicate, even coat of paint. Witness the artistry of air spraying, where precision dances with finesse to give a seamless and perfect finish that stands the test of time, promising enduring beauty.

Furniture painting

Unlocking the Potential of Aging Furniture

Replacing your furniture may be expensive, leaving many homeowners who want a modernised interior design feeling confined. However, another way to save old furniture is to quickly revive it and give it a second chance at life. This transforming operation, often known as furniture respray, involves a slight change in look.

Regard furniture respray as a remarkable opportunity to tackle the wear and tear accumulated over the years, effectively halting the signs of aging. Our team utilizes a robust and durable professional paint that guarantees exceptional longevity, ensuring your furniture remains in excellent condition for many years to come.

Restore your Favourite Furniture

Old pieces of furniture often hold emotional or sentimental value. They could be family heirloom pieces or favorite items that once belonged to a parent or grandparent. For many homeowners, disposing of such items is simply not an option. Furniture respraying presents the ideal solution for preserving these pieces. Although their appearance may undergo slight modifications, the family heirlooms will continue to grace your home for many more years, allowing you to cherish the memories they hold.

Professional spray painting is one of the finest choices for preserving older furniture. The end result looks fantastic, and the project is cost-effective, making it a worthwhile possibility to explore. Give furniture respraying a try, and relish the beauty of your cherished pieces while revisiting the wonderful memories they carry.

ReSpray your old and worn Furniture with Kitchen Respray Wexford.

Respray table and chairs

Furniture Respray

Respraying furniture is a low-cost option for making cosmetic changes to a room. Wear and tear causes wood to lose its lustre. Respraying furniture is an inexpensive option for revitalising old favourites. Adding a thin coat of paint to an existing surface is part of this enchanted process, allowing you to update the look and feel of your treasured but aged furniture.

Wardrobe Respray

Wardrobe Respray

Spray paint gives furniture a clean, sleek sheen. Embrace your products’ new, modern design, especially when matched with brilliant colours that dramatically change any room’s mood. What is furniture respray’s most significant part? Using what you have saves money. Professionals like All Surface Respray apply durable paint that extends furniture life.

Not all Spray companies are the same!

Unscrupulous services often rely on offering low prices as a means to offset their other shortcomings. As a result, there is a correlation between choosing unreliable services and opting for cheaper alternatives.

Thanks for doing a great job “They changed our kitchen from shabby and tired to what looked like a brand new kitchen in a few days and for quarter of the replacement cost we were quoted…. What’s not to like about that? I would highly recommend them” Yvonne O Connor ( Dublin )


Kitchen Respray Wexford did a great job, thanks for delivering on every promise and more. I would have no doubt in recommending them.” Laura McGowan